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Having studied violin and composition for a number of years. British poet Gregory Warren Wilson's third collection has an energy, zest, and brilliance to it. The poems suggest that disclosure--whether of love or anguish--is hazardous because it can betray as well as illumine. But which is more likely to put things in jeopardy: the outspoken or the unspoken? The second half of this collection is voiced trough a ventriloquist's dummy. It exposes the desolation, frustration, and fleeting euphoria experienced by a performer on stage and off. For lovers of words and music. Warren Wilson's direct and insistent voice is sure to captivate and entertain.


Gregory Warren Wilson studied violin and composition at the Royal College of Music and has worked with the Hong Kong Philharmonic and at the Opera House in Florence. His two previous poetry collections are Preserving Lemons, which won the Staple First Edition Award in 1996, and Hanging Windchimes in a Vacuum (Tears in the Fence, 1997). With Carole Satyamurti he has initiated and co-tutored courses on art and poetry at The National Gallery, Tate Britain and The Courtauld Gallery. He is a tutor for The Poetry School.


'Stunningly imagined, flawlessly written; this writer has that rarest of rarities, a perfect ear.' U. A. Fanthorpe'Mozartian energy, zest and brilliance.' Anne Born
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