Money Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

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September 2003



An easy-to-follow map for successfully navigating the perils of personal financial planning
When it comes to their own finances, most people don't know what to do--or what not to do--until it's too late. "Money Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make "is an easy-to-follow rule book for recognizing and avoiding the ordinary, often-overlooked financial missteps that can ruin the best-laid financial plans, and haunt investors for years.
Written by popular "U.S. News & World Report "editor and columnist Paul Lim, this book covers the most common money management traps. From "mortgaging" your 401(k) to not getting life insurance, it shows readers how to sidestep blunders, or even turn them into positives, by: Planning for specific life events and future needs Implementing necessary strategies for spending Determining when to follow fads or stay the course


Paul Lim is a senior editor and personal finance columnist for U.S. News & World Report. He also writes feature articles on a variety of topics, from managing 401(k)s to reducing debt. Previously a staff writer for Money and a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, Lim is a coauthor of If You're Clueless About Accounting and Want to Know More.

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