Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships in Homoeopathy

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Juli 2003



It is often not enough to find the correct remedy in homeopathic medicine. Particularly in chronic diseases that have already been treated, a complementary remedy or a series of remedies in sequence is frequently needed to provide optimal care. The first comprehensive handbook on homeopathic remedy relationships, this book provides lists of complementary, successive, and inimical remedies, antidotes, and collaterals. Data on interactions, duration of actions, foods to avoid, references to miasms, and practical tips on the use of remedies, supplement the book's content. Internationally referenced throughout, the handbook includes especially helpful clinical notes on the quality and special characteristics of each respective remedy relationship. This practical resource is an excellent complement to the study of homeopathy, and belongs on the reference shelf of every homeopathic practitioner who treats difficult chronic conditions.


Foreword A Comment Introduction Preface Remedies Abies canadensis to Zizia aurea List of Remedies with Miasms List of Remedies with Temperaments List of Remedies with Abbreviations


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