Jumping the Curve

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Even organizations that are adapting, growing and innovating have the gnawing sense that obsolescence is right around the corner. Jumping the Curve offers perspective and guidance for doing business at this unique moment in time. It connects the big picture of our changing world with the practical actions managers must take now to position their organizations for success in a new epoch we can't yet fully see or understand.


Part One: Straddling Two Worlds: The Familiar and the Unknown. 1. We've Been Here Before: Historic Parallels to Our Tumultuous Age. 2. Turning Point: The World Has Never Been So Awake. 3. Rising to the Occasion: New Roles for New Times. Part Two: Making the Leap: Strategic Choices for the Emerging Epoch. 4. The Innovation Imperative. 5. Practicing Creative Destruction. 6. The Intelligence Imperative. 7. Growing the Smart Organization. 8. The Coherence Imperative. 9. Linking Success to Values and Ideals. 10. The Responsibility Imperative. 11. Guaranteeing That the Customer Is Final Arbiter. Epilogue: Choosing Our Destiny.


NICHOLAS IMPARATO is professor at the McLaren School of Business, University of San Francisco. A prominent speaker and consultant to organizations worldwide, he has served as a director on the boards of several public and privately--held companies. OREN HARARI is senior consultant with the Tom Peters Group and professor at the McLaren School of Business, University of San Francisco. An internationally renowned speaker and consultant, he is a regular contributor to Management Review.


"If I were to recommAnd that my managers read just one business book this year, Jumping the Curve would be it. The authors' historical analysis offers a fresh perspective on the challenges facing business today. And for anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge, their insights on innovation and their advice on how to "look a customer ahead" show exactly what needs to be done on Monday morning." --Charles R. Schwab, chairman and CEO, The Charles Shwab Corporation"A must read. Captures the guiding principles that drive business success: an orientation toward creative vigilance, an understanding of the need for unified consistency, and most importantly, a realization that customers define satisfaction." --Paul J. Orfalea, founder and chairperson, Kinko's Copy Centers"A great guidebook for those who have discovered that the world has changed overnight. The recommAndation to build the organization around the software and the software around the customer provides insights every manager should ponder." --Paul Saffo, director, Institute for the Future
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