Parenting Without Punishment: Making Problem Behavior Work for You

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Parents spend so much time and energy trying to make their children behave, you would think they would have a deliberate and thought-out system for accomplishing this. However, most parents lament that they do not have a pre-determined plan, that their "methods", mostly punitive in nature, are unpleasant to administer and they're not even sure that punishment does any good. The problem is that the majority of parents don't know any other way to manage difficult behavior in their children, so they resort to what their parents used with them - traditional punishment. In his new book, Parenting Without Punishment, Dr. John Maag says that parents who use punishment don't get the results they want because, as a form of discipline, punishment simply does not work. The problem with punishment, Maag explains, is that it is always contingent on bad behavior and it is always reactive. Maag suggests a proactive approach that is based on increasing good behavior, instead of trying to decrease bad behavior. In addition, instead of trying to avoid all aspects of bad behavior, Maag uses it as a focal point for determining which behaviors need to be changed. Based on traditional applied behavior analysis techniques, Maag's system is strict but compassionate. Step-by-step directions, practical examples, fill-in charts and questionnaires show parents how to effectively manage a wide range of problem behaviors in their children, from minor problems to depression and attention deficit disorders (ADD). Maag's approach uses consistent and positive techniques that shape a child's actions much more profoundly than punishment. Filling a longstanding void, Parenting Without Punishment will help parents andteachers promote responsible, independent, creative and secure future adults.

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