The Glazier's Country: Poems

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Oktober 2003



The Glazier's Country is a book of history and ethics. The poems follow the life of a survivor of Eastern European pogroms, but the theme is larger: notions of victimhood as an identity, moral certitude, and the differences between justice and revenge are questioned and explored. The poems' formal qualities mirror the fractured lives of the people in them: seemingly disparate voices break in, words are scattered across the page. But the ultimate message of The Glazier's Country is an insistence that we can choose wholeness, choose good / solo & each day / over faith / over clan or country / it is an art / & each day again.


Janet Kaplan's poems have appeared in many journals, including The Paris Review, American Letters & Commentary, the Denver Quarterly Review, Western Humanities Review, and on the Internet on Poetry Daily. Her previous collection, The Groundnote, won the Alice James Books New England and New York Competition and was hailed by Richard Howard as possessing a voice sustained in all extremes high and low.Kaplan lives in Brooklyn, New York.


"Drawing on the tools ofo surrealism, I seek, among other things, an antidote to wartime rhetoric and fear-mongering. I wish to assert, through paradox, that no single truth can ever be resurrected from the rubble of ash and war."
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