Worry-Free Family Finances: Three Steps to Building and Maintaining Your Family's Financial Well-Being

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This book offers a step-by-step program for reining in family finances in only minutes a day. Forget elaborate financial formulas and trading techniques. "Worry-Free Family Finances" is all about the power of simplification. This practical, easy-to-read guide provides straightforward strategies designed to make saving and investing much less complex, frustrating, and time-consuming - and more rewarding. Built around the core principles of saving and investing, "Worry-Free Family Finances" offers families the financial knowledge and information they need without overburdening them with intricate details and strategies. Its family-friendly concepts show readers how to: turn just $50 a month into a million-dollar portfolio; eliminate debt without negatively affecting lifestyle; and create a 60-Minutes-a-Year, One-Sheet-of-Paper family budget.


Bill Staton is the founder and chairman of The Staton Institute, a financial education and consulting center. He has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Money, Barron's, and BusinessWeek.

Mary T. Staton is CEO and CFO of The Staton Institute and is the former vice president of marketing at United Way of Central Carolinas.

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