Meet Jimmy

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Jimmy is a chubby, three-year-old boy with red hair and freckles. He likes to run around and have adventures, but sometimes, those adventures get him in trouble with his mom. He loves riding his Big Wheel, but the dust drives his mom crazy. He loves playing with his dog, Butch, but sometimes, Jimmy plays tricks on his favorite pup.

On a trip to the grocery store, little Jimmy gets the chance to push the cart all by himself in search of ice cream, but he makes a mess of things. Being small can cause accidents, and Jimmy feels like nothing is worse than being embarrassed and sad. He tries to run away, but Mom, as always, catches him and lets him know everything will be all right.

Being a kid can be exciting, but there are tough times, too-like when it's just no fun being so small. Even mischief can cause regret, like when Jimmy hides from Butch or ignores his mom's requests. Still, despite his troubles, Jimmy must learn to move past his mistakes and enjoy the big, wild adventure that is life!
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