Black Feat

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Caressing the spirit of African-American women both domestically and globally, Black Feat, through the power of story, offers a cultural perspective on medical impressions in black women and identifies duplicity in health care delivery.

Based on the author's true events during various stages of her open heart surgery processes, Black Feat uncovers a larger conversation about hospital/ health systems abuse of power and indifference in terms of acceptance. It presents the theory that healthcare provider attitudes are direct affects of institutional life on people at those organizations funded largely by big Government. It reveals epistemology of disease from a biopsychosocial and spiritual lens posturing race and ethnicity as sacred variables.

Anchored in the scriptures, Black Feat is upfront and introspective. It unzips deep psychological and corresponding physical deterioration that occurs when depression, anxiety, post-trauma stress, loss, and developmental disorganization are left unattended. It examines most factors linked to heart disease and underscores the importance of evaluating every organ system in the body, including the brain.

Black Feat focuses on black women-what they go through, how they get through, how they can be better about certain matters of the heart, and how they can empower one another and thus enrich generations of young people to come.
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Untertitel: A Personal Walk to Open Heart Surgery Where There Is No Foe to Fight Except A Contracted Self. 2:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss Lam. Sprache: Englisch.
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