Lead With Courage

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There is a leader in you and a leader in me. A poet writes, "A lion paces in every human heart. What quickens yours? What makes your lion roar?" Your courage can be unleashed to overcome fear, hunt for opportunities, and find resources for your group.

The fifteen main chapters in this book each describe:
. How lions live and survive in their natural habitat
. How leaders face challenges and crises, and learn from their shortcomings and success
. How leadership suggestions and lessons may be used in your own life and work

Each chapter also includes a bonus of several self-reflection topics for you to consider. This book narrates personal leadership experiences from my childhood up to retirement and examples from other leaders. The chapters relate the importance of courage in such formative experiences as:
. Family Life and Heritage
. School and College Experiences
. Teamwork and Partnership
. Courtship and Marriage
. Writing and Public Speaking
. Leading Groups and Organizations
. International Exchanges
. Fund Raising for Projects
. Financial Crises and Recovery
. Facing Cancer with Courage and Support
. Active Retirement
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