A Glimpse into the Other Side through the Eyes of My Soul

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Oktober 2015



This life story is about a woman named Louise. It has always been a personal desire of Louise to love God the way Enoch did. The Bible does not provide a list of things that Enoch did; however, we know that God was pleased with him. Genesis 5:23-24 states that Enoch lived a total of 365 years. Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more because God took him away. Louise made up her mind that she would diligently seek a personal relationship with her God.

One day Louise decided to write her life journey. After many days of thinking, meditating, and trying to decide what to write, Louise realized that she had a problem. Every time she started to write, she had nothing of value to say. Louise did not desire to write a love story or some sort of fairy tale. Louse desired to write something that would help inspire and motivate fellow Christians to not give up. Louise prayed and prayed that God would allow her to share His love through her life journey.

As a Christian, Louise could not write her life journey without writing about her spiritual journey, which included her errors, flaws, and sins. As a Christian, Louise had to write about how God delivered her. In return, God gave Louise an amazing gift to share with every reader. Louise has been blessed with an amazing gift of seeing and experiencing a small glimpse of what her soul endured during very difficult times in her life.
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