Under The Shadow of Your Wings

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Under the Shadow of Your Wings is a collection of Christian poetry, designed to be both a weekly devotional, or read just for prayer and meditation moments. The book is divided into five sections: "God's Presence and Promises," "The Body of Christ," "Spiritual Light and the Cross," "God's Wonders," and "Our Christian Journey." Each section is prefaced with an image of a painting-done by an artist friend-that accompanies one of the poems in that section. There are several Scripture verses included that are appropriate for each section of the book. I feel blessed and thankful, and yet humbled, that I can share the precious gift that God has given me-to write and share about Him and His wonders, and what He has done, is doing, and can do in our lives. Many of the poems were inspired while sitting out on my "Spiritual Sanctuary" deck, where I am surrounded by many of God's wonders, including many trees, plants, flowers, and visiting birds. There, I feel the presence of God so strongly. It faces west, so I am treated to spectacular sunsets as well.

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