The Message Jesus Preached

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We sing songs to Jesus. We pray to Jesus. But do we really know and understand what Jesus preached? Before you say, "Yes," and move on, consider these shocking facts:

. Most messages preached today have nothing to do with Jesus' core message

. Christian universities that train pastors, missionaries, and priests don't have courses that teach what Jesus taught, and it's been this way for hundreds of years

. The majority of believers in Christ have little or no understanding of what Jesus said or what He meant when He said it

God is realigning His church with the message Jesus preached, and He's doing it to prepare us for Jesus' return.

Get ready for a journey through the Bible that will help you:

. Challenge your Christian experience and knowledge of Jesus' teachings

. Learn the true heart of Christ's teachings as recorded in God's Word

. Discover the Kingdom life Jesus provided for, exemplified, and taught

. Shed any belief barriers that have inhibited your spiritual life to this point

. Embrace and renew a walk with God that is alive, growing, fresh, and purposeful
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