The Storyteller

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Juli 2003



THE STORYTELLER, short stories in poetic form, is a series of extraordinary poetic journeys of hope and harmony, journeys that compellingly evoke spiritual re-awakening, compassion, and, indeed, heart-warming passion. Told with inspiring sensitivity, the destinations in "Spirit and Soul" encourage meaningful self-reflection and self-awareness, leading to the gripping destinations in "Whose World" in which the realities of war and oppression are deftly confronted and unmasked in a sophisticated yet easy-to-read storytelling style. Whatever your current personal situation, the final series of destinations will remind you to fall "In Love Again"... all over again.


Having lived in four distinct cultures, on four continents, and having overcome life on the nargins of society under a brutal dictatorship and as a State-less refugee, my motivation is to also share insights and experiences of having served in the influential corridors of global diplomacy. I wish to give hope to those who deserve hope more than most.


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Untertitel: An amazing poetic journey of hope and harmony. Paperback.
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