Witnessing Words: Memorializing Migrant Experience in Balafres

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November 2015



In the multi-national, cosmopolitan country of Canada, Translation Studies research drawing upon themes of migration and cultural identity has become part of the nation's literary make up. These issues represent areas of cultural and linguistic defiance and reconciliation that migrant writers, translators, novelists, poets and literary artists have carefully examined. In sharing in this rich literary heritage, this book seeks to determine the abiding concepts fundamental to the migrant identity, and how it finds relevance in the themes of translation and cultural identity. It distinctly emphasizes the poetic form of migrant writings of the self and links theoretical notions of migration and identity in Translation Studies. Through an analysis of the poetry of Marie-Célie Agnant, it presents a representation of Agnant's migrant persona and offers a clear perspective on how migration has shaped her work as a female Haitian poet and author living in Quebec.


Chrystal Smith is an author, poet and translator based in Toronto, Canada. She holds an Honors degree and Masters in Translation Studies from York University. Originally from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, much of her work is inspired by her move to a foreign country and centres around themes relevant to the migrant experience.
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Untertitel: An analysis of the poetry of Haitian-Canadian author, Marie-Célie Agnant. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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