Riding the Horse Backwards

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Mai 2001



This transcript of a process-oriented psychology seminar provides a theoretical overview, and then continues on with demonstrations of how to work with individuals and groups. The interactions between Drs. Mindell and the seminar participants show that in order to get to the process, it may be necessary to employ trickster-like ways, based on the fabled, wise trickster of a Native American tribe, who did everything differently. His horse went forwards, for instance, but he rode it facing backwards, thereby taking a new approach.


Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., is the founder of a new school of therapy called Process-Oriented Psychology, and is known throughout the world for his innovative synthesis of dreams, bodywork, Jungian therapy, group process, consciousness studies, shamanism, quantum physics, and small and large group conflict resolution. Amy Mindell, Ph.D., has developed process-oriented psychology in the areas of healthcare, ethics, philosophy, and dance.
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