Political Economy

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This introduction to economics exposes readers to the workings of the market in a democratic state.


List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface.1. How Dreadful Life Used to Be.2. Making and Taking.3. Taste, Technology and Markets.4. Putting Demand and Supply Curves to Work.5. Taste.6. Technology.7. Associations.8. The Common Good.9. Voting.10. Administration.11. Law.The Four Pillars.Notes. Author Index. Subject Index.


Dan Usher is a Professor of Economics at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. He has worked for the United Nations and taught economics in England and the United States. He is the author of many books, including The Uneasy Case for Equalization Payments (1995), Collected Papers, Volume I: National Accounting and Economic Theory and II: Welfare Economics and Public Finance (1994), and The Welfare Economics of Markets, Voting and Predation (1993). Professor Usher has also contributed to numerous journals, including American Economic Review, Economic Letters, Public Choice and Policy Options.


"The field of political economy has made a full comeback into the center of economic analysis. Dan Usher's very readable text demonstrates the power of political economy analysis to address questions in welfare economics, political behavior, public administration, and legal arrangements. His conclusion, like that of the great political economists from David Hume and Adam Smith to F. A. Hayek and James Buchanan is that a market economy with private ownership in the means of production, a political system based on majority-rule voting, a rule-bound public administration, and an independent judiciary are the mutually reinforcing ingredients to a good society. Usher's text is a welcomed addition to literature in modern political economy." Peter J. Boettke, George Mason University
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