Resource-Based and Evolutionary Theories of the Firm

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April 1995



Resource-Based and Evolutionary Theories of the Firm: Towards a Synthesis explores the intersection of evolutionary theories of the firm with an emergent body of research in the field of strategic management that has been broadly referred to as the `resource-based view of the firm'. The volume approaches strategic questions from several vantage points, thereby fostering a useful cross-fertilization of ideas. The views presented spring from a variety of sources, namely the principles of strategic management, organisation economics, and population ecology.


1. An Exploration of Common Ground: Integrating Evolutionary and Strategic Theories of the Firm; N.J. Foxx, C. Knudsen, C.A. Montgomery. 2. Strategic Management and the Exploration of Diversity; D.A. Levinthal. 3. Competitive Advantage and Industry Capabilities; N.J. Foss, B. Eriksen. 4. Capabilities and Coherence in Firms and Markets; R.N. Langlois. 5. Inertia and Transformation; R.P. Rumelt. 6. Resource-Based Strategy in a Stochastic Model; B. Wernerfelt. 7. Four Rs of Profitability: Rents, Resources, Routines, and Replication; S.G. Winter. 8. Theories of the Firm, Strategic Management, and Leadership; C. Knudsen. 9. Business Strategy from the Population Level; J. Freeman. 10. Of Diamonds and Rust: a New Look at Resources; C.A. Montgomery. Index.
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