Waves and Imaging through Complex Media

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November 2001



Recent advances in wave propagation in random media are certainly consequences of new approaches to fundamental issues, as well as of a strong interest in potential applications. A collective effort has been made to present in this book the state of the art in fundamental concepts, as well as in biomedical imaging techniques. As an example, the recent introduction of wave chaos, and more specifically random matrix theory - an old tool from nuclear physics - to the study of multiple scattering, has pointed the way to a deeper understanding of wave coherence in complex media. At the same time, efficient new approaches for retrieving information from random media promise to allow wave imaging of small tumors in opaque tissues. Review chapters are written by experts in the field, with the aim of making the book accessible to the widest possible scientific audience: graduate students and research scientists in theoretical and applied physics, optics, acoustics, and biomedical physics.


Preface. Part I: Introduction. 1. Wave Chaos and Multiple Scattering: a Story of Coherence; O. Legrand. 2. Towards Optical Biopsy: a Brief Introduction; A.C. Boccara, P.M.W. French. Part II: Multiple Wave Scattering. 1. Coherent Multiple Scattering in Disordered Media; E. Akkermans, G. Montambaux. 2. Statistical Approach to Photon Localization; A.Z. Genack, A.A. Chabanov. Part III: Wave Chaos and Multiple Scattering. 1. The Semiclassical Approach for Chaotic Systems; D. Delande. 2. Random Matrix Theory of Scattering in Chaotic and Disordered Media; J.-L. Pichard. 3. Wave Chaos in Elastodynamics; R.L. Weaver. 4. Time-reversed Acoustics and Chaotic Scattering; M. Fink, J. de Rosny. Part IV: Imaging in Heterogeneous Media: Ballistic Photons. 1. Imaging Biological Tissue using Photorefractive Holography and Fluorescence Lifetime; N.P. Barry, et al. 2. Simultaneous Optical Coherence and Two-photon Fluorescence Microscopy; E. Beaurepaire, et al. 3. Low Coherence Interferometric Technique; G. Brun, et al. 4. Laser Optical Feedback Tomography; E. Lacot, et al. 5. Imagery of Diffusing Media by Heterodyne Holography; M. Gross, et al. 6. Imaging through Diffusing Media by Image Parametric Amplification; E. Lantz, et al. Part V: Imaging in Heterogeneous Media: Diffuse Light. 1. Detection of Multiply Scattered Light in Optical Coherence Microscopy; K.K. Bizheva, et al. 2. Scattering by aThin Slab: Comparison between Radiative Transfer and Electromagnetic Simulation; J.-J. Greffet, et al. 3. Methods for the Inverse Problem in Optical Tomography; S.R. Arridge. 4. Inverse Problem for Stratified Scattering Media; J.-M. Tualle, et al. 5. Scattering on Multi-scale Rough Surfaces; C.A. Guérin, et al. Part VI: Dynamic Multiple Light Scattering. 1. Imaging of Dynamic Heterogeneities in Multiple Light Scattering; G. Maret, M. Heckmeier. 2. Diffuse Laser Doppler Velocimetry from Multiple Scattering Media and Flowing Suspensions; P. Snabre, et al. 3. High Resolution Acousto-optic Imaging; S. Lévêque-Fort. Part VII: Speckle Correlations in Random Media. 1. Correlation of Speckle in Random Media; R. Pnini. 2. Dynamic Speckle Correlations; F. Scheffold, G. Maret. 3. Spatio-temporal Speckle Correlations for Imaging in Turbid Media; S.E. Skipetrov. 4. Speckle Correlations and Coherent Backscattering in Nonlinear Random Media; R. Bressoux, R. Maynard. Index. Author Index.
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