The Poetry of Asher Reich: Portrait of a Hebrew Poet

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Januar 2004



This striking book introduces English-speaking audiences to a full range of poetry by Asher Reich, one of Israel's most celebrated contemporary poets, paired with evocative drawings by renowned Israeli artist Michael Kovner. Yair Mazor provides readers with in introduction to Reich's work and its prominent position within the panorama of modern literature in Hebrew. Asher Reich's poetry has been characterized as vivid, vibrant, passionate, and expressionistic. Dominated by themes of stormy sensuality and frank sexuality, his dramatic imagery and metaphors interweave Mishnaic, Talmudic, and Biblical references in a colorful, complex poetic texture.


Yair Mazor established the certificate program in Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is professor of Hebrew and Biblical literature. He was among the founders of the UW-Milwaukee Center for Jewish Studies and acted as the first director. Mazor is the author of many books published in the United States, Israel, and Europe, including Pain, Pining, and Pine Trees: Contemporary Hebrew Poetry, also available from the University of Wisconsin Press.

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