Medicine in Wales: 1800-2000: Public Service or Private Commodity

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Juli 2003



Addressing the interface between medical history and the study of contemporary issues in medicine and health, this book pays particular attention to the conduct of clinical research, the relativity of medical knowledge, and the relationship between patients and practitioners. The contested boundaries between the public and the private are a defining feature of modernity and an important focus for postmodernist accounts of power and identity. The relationship between the state, scientific knowledge, and professional expertise is explored, and its implications for the producers and consumers of healthcare are discussed in terms of class and citizenship, family, gender and community, and the urban and rural contrasts within Welsh national identity.


Medicine and health - historical and contemporary perspectives. Anne Borsay and Dorothy Porter; public utility or private enterprise? water and health in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Richard Coopey and Owen Roberts; from private grief to public testimony - suicides in Wales, 1832-1914, Pamela Michael; the early school medical service in Wales - public care or private responsibility?, David Hirst; a proletarian public sphere - working-class provision of medical services and care in south Wales, c.1900-1948, Steven Thompson; public service and private ambition - nursing at the King Edward VII Hospital, Cardiff during the First World War, Sara Brady; "fit to work" - representing rehabilitation on the South Wales coalfield during the Second World War, Anne Borsay; private lives and pulic bodies - childbirth in post-war Swansea, Susan Pitt; "it's a funny job really" - the contradictions of health visiting, Anthea Symonds; water, health and the public/private interface, Mark Drakeford; contrasting perspectives of inequalities in health and in medical care, David Greaves.


Anne Borsay is Professor of Healthcare and Medical Humanities at the University of Wales Swansea.


' This is a scholarly book which is bound to appeal to everyone who is interested in the history of medicine in Wales.' (Planet) 'This is an excellent book, academically sound and coherent in it's analysis of the tension between the public and the private...'New Welsh Review '...[a] very valuable collection...[which contains] excellent material which is well presented.' History
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