Comparative Study of Women War Poetry

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November 2015



COMPARATIVE STUDY OF WOMEN WAR POETRY BY KATHARINE TYNAN (BRITISH) AND HILDA DOOLITTLE (AMERICAN) This study aims at providing knowledge which would be of great value to anyone who is new at reading poetry, especially women's poetry of the World Wars. The two women covered in this manuscript contributed to the poetry being written during both wars. Notably, the study also covers the effects of culture in writing war poetry during the war time. This study is a modest attempt to find answers to several questions about women war poets such as "how do the works of women poets contribute to the feminist movement?"and "What is the effect of war on women poets?". Moreover,The writer will also come to a conclusion regarding the similarities and differences of the poets and their approach to the war. This paper examines comparatively the themes and styles of each poetess while expressing the feelings and experiences they had with the World War I and II. besides, in the analyses of the poems, the poems will be compared and contrasted not only with each other but also with the works of women war poets in general.


Aveen Sarma is assistant lecturer in Iraqi Kurdistan_ Duhok at Nawroz University. Master degree in English Language and Literature at Cyprus International University. Her master paper was about women war poetry. Supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nazife Aydinoglu.
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