Motivation and Employees' Performance (Mixed Research Design)

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November 2015



This book empirically attempts to examine the influence of rewards on improving employee performance, as well as to determine the principles of effective approaches to performance management at the Koya University Kurdistan Region/Iraq. A survey questionnaire was established using Google Form and distributed through employees and 72 employees responded to the questionnaire, also semi-structured interview conducted with seven employees. The data obtained from the questionnaire analysed quantitatively using SPSS program version 20 for both statistical tools descriptive and inferential statistics. In addition, data gathered from the semi-structured interviews analysed qualitatively using HyperResearch software. The results of this book revealed that there is a significant positive but weak relationship between merit pay, non monetary, salary, benefits, and employee needs, and performance of the employee. Negative relationship exists between bonus and incentives and employee performance. However, it can be noticed that individual's performance are not adequately rewarded, as well as they did not train sufficiently in order to improve their performance.


Zana Majed Sadq is a MSc. holder in Human Resource Management, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. He is currently an academic staff member at Koya University - Iraq, teaching at Management Department. His research interests are Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Managing Strategy.
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