Contemporary Researches in Banking and Financial Sciences

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November 2015



This book contains a set of economics researches, especially in the banking and financial science , the writer tried to find some results in contemporary issues of concern to economists, such as Financial Leverage, Operating leverage, the global financial crisis, financial policies, and accounting systems, corporate governance in the business and auditing, at the national and global level. And these are some of the titles of the book researches: The Effect of Operating Leverage & Times Interest Earned On Stock Returns in the Amman Stock Exchange (Analytical Study - Industrial Sector).The Effect of Financial Leverage & Systematic Risk on Stock Returns in the Amman Stock Exchange (Analytical Study - Industrial Sector). The Relationship between the Investment in Current Assets and Profitability & Liquidity (Case Study: ASE- Industrial Sector). Importance of Financial Analysis of Published Financial Information to Predict the Stocks Behavior (Case study-ASE -Industrial Sector-Jordan).


Dr.Anas Ali Al-Qudah,Head of Financial & Banking Sciences Dept.Faculty of Economics and Business, Jadara University-Jordan.PhD Financial Management, UBFS, Amman.Master Degree Financial Management, AABFS, Amman.Financial Management Staff Officer, USA, MIS.High Diploma Accounting, AABFS, Amman.Bachelor Degree Accounting, Mu'tah, Jordan.
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