Map Making

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November 2015



Do you consider yourself a "city girl," or a "small-town guy," or a "suburban mom?" Our souls contain landscapes, and not just the metaphoric kind. What we see daily as we look out upon the world leaves an indelible imprint on us and shapes our relationships - to each other and to the planet. We're forever fused with the regions where we come of age, sometimes becoming hybrids of multiple landscapes as we shift and move to new places. In the 50 poems and prose-poems of "Map Making: Poems of Land and Identity", poet Kate Hutchinson explores the daily rituals and negotiations many of us make as we move through Midwestern landscapes. Her life as a suburbanite, raised in outskirts of O'Hare Airport, has prompted Kate to ask some key questions about the suburban identity. What is it that pulls some of us into the city and others toward open space? How is it that many of us feel the tug toward both places over the years? What happens to our sense of community and of self as we pass time inside our walls and fences, perhaps commuting alone to places far away? And what of the creatures whose habitats are razed to make way for our concrete roads and foundations - the birds and fowl, the squirrels and mice, the coyotes and deer? Ultimately, Kate urges us to pay attention to those ever-shrinking, less-touched places around us. In poems that conjure landscapes of farms and cities, suburban back yards, woodlands and prairies, and even the distant surface of the moon, she reminds us to remember that we are each but one being in a huge and complex universe. It is essential for those of us who have the means to take care of ourselves to also assist those who cannot - human and otherwise. "Map Making" invites readers to wonder about their own internal and external landscapes - to consider how each informs the other.


Kate Hutchinson is an award-winning poet. Many of her poems and personal essays have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies over the last several years, including "Shenandoah" and "The Dos Passos Review," and at the website of "Minerva Rising," where she is an occasional guest blogger. Kate has taught high school English for 30 years, and she now also teaches a poetry writing course for a local university each summer. Map Making: Poems of Land and Identity is Kate Hutchinson's first full-length collection. A chapbook of twenty poems, The Gray Limbo of Perhaps, was published in 2012 by Finishing Line Press. Hutchinson has family roots in southwest Iowa, but she has lived most of her life in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, where she is near woods and open spaces and can commune with the trees, birds and clouds (her favorites of each being cottonwoods, chickadees, and cirrus). She attributes her love of nature to her parents, who raised the family next to a large forest preserve. Even when she is among the trees, though, there is no escaping the fact that civilization is nearby, with jets overhead descending toward O'Hare. As the daughter of a mother who faced a serious illness and early death, and as the mother of a son with autism, Kate has never worn rose-colored glasses. She is alarmed by the effects of climate change and our slow response to it; she often feels deflated by the ongoing suffering in the world. Yet she can still feel buoyed by the tenacity and spirit of so many people and other living beings who find ways to adapt and thrive despite hardship. During her years in the classroom, Kate has regularly witnessed teenagers reading great literature and pondering the key questions it raises. She never ceases to be thrilled - and hopeful - when young people recognize new possibilities for themselves and their world and begin to develop their passions and voices.
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