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November 2003



The creative possibilities are endless with this series of six books focusing on traditional art mediums for children ages 2-8. By emphasizing the process rather than the final project, these activities open a great arena for creativity, self-expression, and exploration for children and for their parents or teachers. Each book boasts at least 50 activities that will develop an appreciation of traditional art mediums. Activities are written in an easy-to-follow "cookbook" format and begin with a list of developmental goals and required materials. Helpful Hints make for a smooth experience, and Variations show how each experience can be expanded on. The Index by Ages makes it easy to find age-appropriate activities.


Chapter 1: Introduction. Chapter 2: Getting Started. Chapter 3: Activities- Balloon Puppets, Basic Hand Puppets, Basic Stick Puppets, Box Puppets, Bristle-Brush Puppets, Coat-Hanger Puppets, Cone Finger Puppets, Cutout-Figure Stick Puppets, Cut-Up Puppets, Cylinder Puppets, Detergent-Bottle Puppet Racks, Envelope Puppets, Feeling Puppets, Finger-Leg Puppets, Finger-Cap Puppets, Finger-Face Puppets, Foam-Tray Puppets, Folded-Paper Puppets, Food Puppets, Glove Puppets, Handkerchief Puppets, Humanettes, Juice-Box Puppets, Me Puppets, Milk-Carton Puppets, Mitten Puppets, Nursery-Ryhme Finger Puppets, Paper-Bag Zoo Creatures, Paper-Chain Puppets, Paper-Plate Bugs and Stuff, Paper-Plate Puppets, Paper-Tube Puppets, Paper/Styrafoam Cup Puppets, Pencil Puppets, Ping-Pong Ball Puppets, Play-Dough Puppets, Pom-Pom Puppets, Popsicle-Stick Puppets, Pop-Up Puppets, Pringle Can Puppets, Shadow Puppets, Shape Stick Puppets, Single-Bag Puppets, Sock Puppets, Spool Puppets, Stuffed-Animal Puppets, Styrofoam-Ball Puppets, Tissue Puppets, Two-Bag Puppets, Two Faced Paper Plate Puppets, Uncanny Puppets, Wooden Spoon Puppets. Chapter 4: Index by Ages.
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