Tyranny in America: Capitalism and National Decay

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Februar 2004



This title scathingly addresses the faceless tyranny of capitalism, which is leading to social and political decay in the US. It forcefully argues that fundamental change is necessary if total moral, political and social implosion is to be avoided.


Neal Wood was Professor Emeritus of Political Science at York University, Toronto. His many books include The Politics of Locke's Philosophy, Cicero's Social and Political Thought, and Reflections on Political Theory. He was also the co-author, with Ellen Meiksins Wood, of Class, Ideology, and Ancient Political Theory and A Trumpet of Sedition. Neal Wood died in September 2003


"Neal Wood was one of the most eminent political theorists of the postwar years ... No one has demonstrated more effectively the possibility of uniting scrupulous scholarship with deep political commitment." -- Guardian
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