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The 10th volume of the Profiles in Healing series presents the male and female healers from Bali, called Balians; discusses their healing practices; and shares the visions that have defined their way of life. In addition, the Lontar--a sacred text consisting of etchings on dried palm leaves--is presented and its medicinal teachings are explained. Illustrated by beautiful and mystic photos and drawings and accompanied by an audio CD of traditional music and readings from the Lontar, this books provides a penetrating examination of the ancient healing practices of Bali.


Bradford Keeney, PhD, is the author of "Shaking Out the Spirits," "Aesthetics of Change," and "Mind in Therapy." He is the vice president of cultural affairs for the Ringing Rock Foundation.


"An intimate conversation -- words from a holy person to all humankind... Exquisitely produced..." -- Science & Spirit, March/April 2004. "The elegance and beauty of these books, their audio CDs and their teachings mirror the elegance and beauty of the hallowed traditons they represent. The timeliness of Profiles of Healing, which ring with joy and wisdom, could not be more urgent since the earth and her peoples yearns for deep healing today." --Mathew Fox, author, Original Blessing "Keeney's vision is leading the vanguard in defining and articulating the territory between psychology and spirit." --Eric Utne, founder and former editor, Utne Reader
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Untertitel: Traditional Healers of Bali. 'Profiles of Healing'. b/w photos & illus. Sprache: Englisch.
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