Native Sons: Philadelphia Baseball Players Who Made the Major Leagues

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Profiling Philadelphia area-born baseball stars, such as Reggie Jackson, Roy Campanella, Pat Kelly, Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza and many more--350 in all--Rich Westcott celebrates the careers of these "local heroes" and "native sons" who gave the sport of baseball a real taste of Philly flavor and made their hometown(s) proud.


Foreword Bill Campbell Introduction 1. Philly's Finest: An all-star team from the Philadelphia area 2. Some Stayed Home: They played with the Phillies or Athletics 3. Standouts from the Surrounding Area: Top players from the Philadelphia suburbs, South Jersey, and northern Delaware 4. City Guys Who Got Away: Players who left town to perform elsewhere 5. The Current Contingent: Recent major leaguers from the region 6. Rarities, Oddities, and Ironies: The status quo has not always been maintained 7. The Decision Makers: Managers of all kinds dictated their brands of strategy 8. Long, Long Ago: Noteworthy players from the 19th century 9. Strongly Represented: Why have so many major leaguers come from the Philadelphia area? 10. The Best of the Best: Facts, figures, and league leaders (since 1900) 11. Everyone Who Played: A complete list of 20th- and 21st-century major league players from the Philadelphia region Photo Credits About the Author


"Rich Westcott's breezy writing is chock full of quirky anecdotes. He is at his best when he's unearthing such gems as those about Aloysius Travers, a St. Joseph's College student manager, who pitched one game for Detroit...'the 24-2 loss might have had something to do with Travers's decision to become a priest.' Native Sons should be of interest to longtime Philadelphia baseball fans and his loyal audience of readers won't be disappointed." - Larry Platt, editor-in-chief of Philadelphia Magazine and author of Only The Strong Survive: The Odyssey of Allen Iverson "Native Sons again demonstrates Rich Westcott's skills as one of major league baseball's outstanding historians. For the first time, Westcott has compiled a complete, well-documented, vividly written account of every player and manager who was born in the Philadelphia area and realized the dream of making it to the big leagues. They're all here - from Cal Abrams to Bert Yeabsley, as well as many of the significant records and lively anecdotes that have helped make the City of Brotherly Love such a colorful part of our National Pastime." - Robert S. Lyons, author of Palestra Pandemonium: A History of the Big 5 "Another fine effort by one of baseball's top historians. Filled with information about players you have heard about, grew up with, or are still currently playing. From MVPs to those who only played one inning, if they're from the area, they're in this book." - Jack Scheuer, Associated Press Correspondent who has covered local sports for over 35 years "Chock full of human interest stories only an insider would know...this is definitely a must read for the Hot Stove League. Get your copy pronto." - The Philadelphia Public Record
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