Closing the Book on Homework

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November 2003



A sequel to "The End of Homework", this work argues that homework robs children and parents of unstructured time for play and intellectual and emotional development. It offers a convincing case for why homework is an outgrowth of broader cultural anxieties about the sanctity of work itself.


Acknowledgments Introduction: Homework as an Issue in American Politics 1. Revisiting the Evidence 2. A History Lesson about Work and Homework 3. Educating Global Citizens or Global Workers? 4. Education at the Epicenter Conclusion: On Character and Public Education in Democratic Society Notes Index


"Sure to fuel the growing debate on school reform, Closing the Book on Homework offers a roadmap for learning that will benefit the wellbeing of children, parents, and teachers alike." Adolescence "Readers new to Buell's argument will find much in this book to think about and, possibly, to act upon." Kappa Delta Pi Record "John Buell makes a cogent case for homework reform. The strength of this new book is its placing of the 'homework wars' in historical and cultural context. By showing how current concerns about homework are part of a larger debate about the place of work in modern life, Buell is able to suggest broader remedies and policies that apply to a variety of modern problems and concern--such as overwork that constrain family and community life in a multitude of ways. Buell offers a compelling argument, and his voice needs to be heard." --Benjamin Hunnicutt, Professor, the University of Iowa, and author of Work Without End "John Buell's Closing the Book on Homework is a unique and timely contribution to the torrid debate and about whether the heavy burdens of homework and standardized tests actually improve education. What marks this book from the others is that, in addition to thorough reviews and refutations, Buell places education and homework in the contexts of the global economy, the fiscal crisis of the states, and the emergence of the rote styles of learning as the dominant educational technology. Teachers, researchers, parents, indeed everyone concerned with the fate of our kids cannot afford to miss this powerful book." --Stanley Aronowitz
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