Application of Computational Intelligence to Biology

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This book is a contribution of translational and allied research to the proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing. It explains how various computational intelligence techniques can be applied to investigate various biological problems. It is a good read for Research Scholars, Engineers, Medical Doctors and Bioinformatics researchers.


Chapter 1: Computational Intelligence techniques to investigate to predict the secondary structure prediction
Chapter 2: Application of graph centrality measures for identifying the drug targets for diabetes mellitus
Chapter 3: Automatic teaching learning based optimization: a novel clustering method for gene functional enrichments
Chapter 4: Machine learning approach for identifying protein-protein interactions
Chapter 5: Diversified Insulin Associated Beta-behavioral & Endogenously Triggered Exposed Symptoms Model of Diabetes in India
Chapter 6: Identification of Deleterious Snps in BDNF Gene Using Genetic algorithm


Dr. R. Bhramaramba is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Technology, GITAM University. She received her PhD from JNTU Hyderabad and MS from BITS Pilani. She has published her research contributions in various reputable International Journals. Her research interests are Principal Components Analysis(PCA), Mathematical Analysis to various biological problems.Dr Akula Chandra Sekhar is a Professor & Principal in Sanketika Institute of Technology, Visakhapatnam. He was awarded PhD from Acharya Nagarjuna University for research on investigating drugs for PPAR gamma of diabetes mellitus. His research interests are QSAR studies, research on Diabetes Mellitus.
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