Christians and the Art of Caring

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März 1988



William V. Arnold and Margaret Anne Fohl describe Christian caring as a unique form of helping that finds special expression in the church. Daily, Christians have opportunities to extend care, whether it is to a bereaved colleague or a sick friend. In simple, clear language, the authors describe how important it is that everyday women and men share in the ministry of caring and illustrate that this ministry involves skills that can be learned. The book also suggests how to refer someone to a professional when such help is needed. Filled with examples, appropriate devotions, and practical exercises, this is a useful book for all who take seriously their responsibilities for others. Material in the appendix shows how the book can be used with groups and provides suggestions for further reading.


William V. Arnold is the former Marthina DeFriece Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia. He is author of Introduction to Pastoral Care and coauthor of When You Are Alone and Christians and the Art of Caring. Margaret Anne Fohl is Associate Pastor Emerita of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.
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