Children's Literature for All God's Children

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Januar 1986



The themes, words, and concepts in children's literature speak to the whole Christian community. Virginia Thomas and Betty Miller have examined children's literature and designed an extensive annotated list of children's stories, poems, folk tales, and fiction that express faith, belief, theology, and Christian principles.This unique resource/reference handbook gives the church the opportunity to function as a united community of believers. Children and adults have the chance to study and learn together -- grow as a whole community.Thomas and Miller offer a practical approach to children's literature that gives background and theory, an evaluation of techniques, "how-to" guidelines, suggestions for use, lists of books, two annotated bibliographies, and indices: subject and themes, genre, and book awards.Explains: why children's literature is a good resource for Christianswhere to find good storieshow significant themes are adapted for different age levelshow to evaluate storieshow to use themParents, teachers, and ministers will delight with children in this new approach to sharing, learning, teaching, and worship. The bibliography of books for all ages is a treasure-house of information. Features basic book information, summary, and themes values. This is an educational tool that provides a new avenue to understanding our faith.


Virginia Thomas holds a master's degree in Christian Education. She has led workshops and worship for several mainline denominations. Betty Davis Miller served for many years as the Youth Services Consultant for the State Library of Florida, where she helped to establish services and programs for children and young adults in Florida's public libraries.
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