Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health: Birth Through Age Six

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August 1999



Right from day one, the foods you choose can maximize your baby's future development, IQ, bone strength, immunity, and resistance to family health problems. What's more, you can teach your child to enjoy these healthy foods and banish food battles and picky eating forever.In this groundbreaking book, two leading pediatric nutritionists -- and experienced parents! -- introduce the exciting new research into "metabolic programming" and make it accessible and practical for every busy parent. They explain: -- Why some of today's food rules for adults can actually harm young children-- The eight key nutrients to focus on (the rest will take care of themselves)-- Scientifically based "smart strategies" for working with your child's inborn instincts to build healthy eating habits-- Food solutions for common problems -- including colic, constipation, poor sleep, and hyperactivity-- How to prevent or deal with allergies, food intolerance, and obesity-- Easy ways to adapt family meals for kids -- with menus and portion sizes for every stage from birth through age six, plus essential tips for food safetyComplete, authoritative, and filled with answers to parents' most-asked questions, Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health is the one book you need to do the best for your child.

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