Measuring the Impact of the Nonprofit Sector

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Januar 2002



One of the major tasks facing researchers, practitioners, and funders is the development of empirical tools to measure the inherent worth of nonprofit organizations as well as the sector as a whole. Renowned scholars present chapters on the state of the art of performance measurement in the nonprofit sector and seek to establish a framework for a long-term research agenda to identify, quantify, and self-assess those qualities that make the nonprofit sector unique.


Part I: Introduction. 1. Measuring the Contributions of the Nonprofit Sector; P. Flynn, V.A. Hodgkinson. Part II: Concerns of Measurement and Evaluation. 2. Measuring Failure to Find Success; C.W. Cobb. 3. Challenges of Measuring Performance in Nonprofit Organizations; M.M. Stone, S. Cutcher-Gershenfeld. 4. Social Indicators for Assessing the Impact of the Independent, Not-for-Profit Sector of the Society; K.C. Land. Part III: Civil Society and Governance. 5. Strengthening Democracy by Re-Creating Civil Society; B.R. Barber. 6. The Vicious Circle of the Constricting State as Viewed through the Failure of Executive Leadership in Anglo-American Democracies; C. Campbell. 7. The Necessity for Studying Organizational Advocacy Comparatively; J.D. McCarthy, J. Castelli. 8. The Distributional Impacts of Nonprofits and Philanthropy; J. Wolpert. 9. Can Public Life Be Regenerated? D. Mathews. Part IV: Measuring the Impact of Various Sub-Sectors and Special Populations. 10. Women and Philanthropy: Charting a Research Agenda; K.D. McCarthy. 11. A Theory of Change Approach to Evaluating Investments in Public Education; J.P. Connell, A.M. Klem. 12. Measuring the Impact of Nonprofit Health Care Organizations; B.H. Gray. 13. Revealing the Implicit: Searching for Measures of the Impact of the Arts; M.J. Wyszomirski. 14. The Emerging Status of Outcome Measurement in the Nonprofit Human Service Sector; M.T. Greenway. 15. The Religious Dimension of Giving and Volunteering; R. Wuthnow. Part V: Conclusions. 16. Measuring the Impact of the Nonprofit Sector on Society is Probably Impossible But Possibly Useful: A Sociological Perspective; P. DiMaggio. 17. An Agenda for Quantitative Evaluation of the Nonprofit Sector: Need, Obstacles, and Approaches; B.A. Weisbrod. Index.
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