Define the Relationship: A Candid Look at Breaking Up, Making Up, and Dating Well

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Januar 2004



Young singles will find everything they need to know about defining and redefining their current or future dating relationships. Written in light of the complexities of dating today, this long-needed resource will help men and women avoid painful and confusing dating dilemmas.


-->Jeramy and Jerusha Clark have ministered in churches for a combined twenty-five years. After meeting at The First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton where the Clarks both served in youth ministry they moved to Monument Colorado where they worked with students at Tri-Lakes Chapel. Currently Jeramy Jerusha and their two children live in Escondido California where Jeramy is the pastor of Life Design Ministries at Emmanuel Faith Community Church. They have coauthored three books on relationships: I Gave Dating a Chance-->He's H.O.T. She's H.O.T.--> and DTR: Define the Relationship--> as well
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