Advanced Methods of Machining

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September 1988



This volume provides production and mechanical engineers with a wide-ranging account of the techniques of machining that have been developed to deal with new materials. These include polymers, hard metals and ceramics, which are difficult to treat by conventional methods either because of the hardness of components or the high accuracies of machining required. Each chapter includes a discussion of the basic working principles, the removal rates and surface characteristics attainable, and typical industrial applications and machines that are available. Electron, ion beam, electrochemical and laser machining are described in detail. The erosive effects of sparks giving rise to accurately controlled metal removal or electrodischarge machining in which a liquid dielectric such as light oil is the working fluid is next described. Machining by use of plasma arcs, the medium here being an ionised gas, is then discussed. Two non-conventional mechanical methods of machining, involving ultrasonics and water jets, are also explained.
Chapter ten of the book describes a range of mainly chemical methods of machining, many of which are the basis for the nano-machining technology needed for the latest generations of computers.


Early progress in machining. Electron beam machining. Ion beam machining. Electrochemical machining. Laser machining. Electrodischarge machining. Plasma arc machining. Ultrasonic machining (USM). Water-jet machining. Specialized methods of machining. Appendix. Basic atomic and electrical principles.
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