Dr. Jack's Leadership Lessons Learned from a Lifetime in Basketball

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Based on his own long experience as a basketball coach, Dr. Jack offers concrete advice on how to motivate colleagues and subordinates, how to lead by example, how to know when to throw logic out the window and go with a gut instinct, and how to lead by example.


Foreword.Acknowledgments.Introduction Hoop Journey: From Barn Door to the NBA.1. Lace 'em Up: The Foundations of Success.2. Home Court Advantage: Teaching and Learning.3. Three-Pointer: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.4. Taking Possession: Job Readiness.5. Fast Break: Maximizing Opportunities.6. Leadership Playbook: Accepting Responsibility.7. The Inside Man: Internal Leadership.8. The Game Plan: Making Decisions.9. At the Buzzer: How to Win, How to Lose.10. Transition Game: Succeeding on the Court of Life.Epilogue The Triangle Defense: Family, Fun, Friends.Index.


DR. JACK RAMSAY is one of the most respected basketball minds of his generation, and one of the most successful coaches in basketball history; when he retired from coaching in 1989, his 864 wins were second all-time to the legendary Red Auerbach. He currently works as a pro basketball analyst for ESPN.


Ramsay, whose 20-year career as a professional coach included a stint with the NBA title-winning Portland Trail Blazers, is currently a pro basketball analyst for ESPN. Although billed as a guide to leadership strategies learned from professional experience as well as his observation of outstanding players and other coaches, this manual is more a recollection of the sport Ramsay knows and loves. Many of the author's tips, directed to those who want to lead both on and off the court, include the need to set clear goals, develop self-confidence, make firm decisions and accept responsibility-certainly not original and often hackneyed. The text becomes more interesting when Ramsay backs up his advice with anecdotes about such basketball greats as Pat Riley, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. He credits Bird's ability, for example, to make a successful adjustment from college to NBA basketball to innate self-confidence honed by repetitive practice drills. Magic Johnson's HIV diagnosis motivated the player to maintain job readiness by eating right and exercising regularly, a plan that Johnson credits with keeping his disease under control and has inspired Ramsay's own pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. In the end, these leadership bromides, leavened by basketball stories, will interest mainly fans of the sport. (Feb) (Publishers Weekly, January 12, 2004)
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