New Effective Voluntary Bd of Directors: What It Does and How It Works

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September 2003



Provides clear answers to questions, such as definitions of policy, the function of boards, the role of board members. Deals with the delicate balance in nonprofit organizations, the legal implications of serving on a board, the nonprofit leadership and management model.


William R. Conrad, Jr., has served the nonprofit field for forty years with the Cleveland YMCA and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago and as adjunct faculty at George Williams College and Roosevelt University. He is president of the institute for Voluntary Organizations and the Voluntary Management Press.


"In this new and revised edition of his popular book, Bill Conrad again proves his mastery of the intricacies of the voluntary board of directors. I encourage all who wish to strengthen their boards of directors to use this useful book as a guide. It will be helpful to volumteers and staff equally." - James J. O'Connor, Retired Chairman and CEO of Unicom Corporation"
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