Racing & (E)Racing Language: Living with the Color of Our Words

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Juni 2001



Explores poetry, critical essays, personal narrative, dialogue, and political speech of diverse ethnic groups.


- "Allegories of Exposure: The Heroic Slave and the Heroic Agnostics of Frederick Douglass," Ellen J. Goldner; - "Toward an Antiracist Feminism," Kathy Engel; - "Metaphors of Race and Psychological Damage in the 1940s American South: The Writings of Lillian Smith," McKay Jenkins; - "Time, Jazz, and the Racial Subject: Lawson Inada's Jazz Poetics," Juliana Chang; - "A Legacy of Healing: Words, African Americans, and Power," Keith Gilyard; - " 'Nothing Solid': Racial Identity and Identifications in Fifth Chinese Daughter and Wilshire Bus," Wendy Motooka; - "White," Safiya Henderson-Holmes


Ellen J. Goldner is associate professor of English at the College of Staten Island of the City University of New York. She has contributed to many publications including Melus and Studies in American Fiction. Safiya Henderson-Holmes is associate professor of English at Syracuse University where she teaches poetry and creative writing. She is the author of Madness and a Bit of Hope and Daily Bread.
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