Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire

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Januar 2004



The term "blowback," invented by the CIA, refers to the unintended results of American actions abroad. In this incisive book, Johnson lays out the dangers faced by the overextended empire, which insists on projecting its military power and using American capital to force global economic integration on its own terms.


Chalmers Johnson, president of the Japan Policy Research Institute, is a frequent contributor to the "Los Angeles Times" and "The Nation." Author of the forthcoming" The Sorrows of Empire," and numerous books on Japan and Asia, including "MITI and the Japanese Miracle "and" Japan" "Who Governs?," he lives in southern California.


""Blowback "is expansive thinking . . . a straight-talking analysis of America's global conduct during the Cold War and since, and what we're going to pay for it." --"The Nation"
"Johnson is on to something . . . It is indeed a new post-Cold War ballgame, and Johnson's warning, if it were heeded in Washington, would help keep America safe from the temptation of untrammeled power." --"Newsday"
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