A Kids Herb Book

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Kids! Explore the mysterious world of herbs with this magical, herbal workbook: Make your own healing potions, secret remedies, magical salves, enchanted syrups and special healing remedies. Recipes, projects, delightful stories, chant herbal songs, color in pictures, activities, grow your own garden, create healing herbal preparations!
A Kid's Herb Book makes learning about herbs and plants fun and educational for children. They follow the friendly elf, Mr. Greenleaf, through the plant "kin-dom." They learn various uses of plants and they learn to appreciate vital things that plants provide, such as oxygen, food, soap, wood, teas, and medicines. They will discover the differences between herbs, weeds, and spices. They learn to make products from herbs, such as natural toothbrushes and homemade cough medicine. They learn about the healing properties of specific herbs. And they learn enchanting stories that can be read aloud and that awaken the imagination.
A Kid's Herb Book includes delicious recipes for such culinary delights as "Basil Pesto" and "Rose Petal Jam." Children and their parents are encouraged to grow their own herb gardens.


Lesley Tierra LAc AHG is a California State and Nationally licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a private clinic practice in Santa Cruz. She is a founding and professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, and a contributing writer and Dean of the East West Herb School.
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