No Regrets: A Ten-Step Program for Living in the Present and Leaving the Past Behind

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A step-by-step approach to moving beyond regrets, mistakes, and lost opportunitiesEveryone has regrets, but not everyone can let them go. Written by a recovery expert, No Regrets offers a practical, complete, and easy-to-follow program to relieve the pain, anger, guilt, and shame of unresolved regrets. Based on proven self-help and spiritual principles, the book takes readers through a supportive ten-step program using tools such as self-examination, visualization, journaling, and meditation to work through their regrets and embark on a life filled with peace, hope, and new possibilities.Hamilton Beazley, PhD (Austin, TX), is a former psychology professor at George Washington University. He has appeared on Oprah, A Current Affair, NBC, and CNN as an expert on addiction recovery.


Acknowledgments. Introduction: Something Remarkable Is Possible. PART I. PREPARATION FOR LETTING GO. 1. Understanding Regrets. 2. Ten Steps to Letting Go. 3. Using Spiritual and Psychological Tools. PART II. THE TEN STEPS TO LETTING GO OF REGRETS. 4. Step One: Listing Regrets. 5. Step Two: Examining Regrets. 6. Step Three: Changing Toxic Thought Patterns. 7. Step Four: Grieving Losses. 8. Step Five: Making Amends. 9. Step Six: Identifying Lessons and Gifts. 10. Step Seven: Developing Compassion. 11. Step Eight: Forgiving Others. 12. Step Nine: Forgiving Ourselves. 13. Step Ten: Living Free of Regret. Appendix A: Recommended Reading. Appendix B: Summary of the Ten-Step Action Lists. Appendix C: Quick Reference: Tools, Principles, and Toxic Thought Patterns. Index.


Hamilton Beazley, Ph.D., is scholar-in-residence at St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas; former associate professor in the Department of Psychology at The George Washington University; and a leading self-help expert who has appeared on Oprah, A Current Affair, NBC, and CNN.
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