Biological Control

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This text provides readers with an in-depth exploration of how biological control functions and how it can be safely employed to solve pest problems and enhance nature conservation. It covers the principles behind biological control techniques and their implementation, and incorporates practical examples from the biological control of a variety of pests. It contains detailed chapters on conserving natural enemies through environmental management, importation of new natural enemies for control of pests, augmentation of natural enemies through rearing and release, and the development and application of pathogens and biopesticides.


Preface. Section I: Origins and scope of biological control. Pest origins, pesticides and the history of biological control. Kinds of biological control targets, agents, and methods. Section II: A review of the organisms employed as agents of biological control. Parasitoids and predators of anthropods and molluscs. Pathogens and nematodes of arthropods, and pathogens of vertebrates. Herbivores and pathogens used for biological weed control. Biological control agents for plant pathogens. Section III: Methods for biological control implementation. Natural enemy conservation. Introduction of new natural enemies: principles. Introduction of new natural enemies: methods. Augmentation of parasitoids, predators, and beneficial herbivores. Augmentation of pathogens and nematodes. Methods for biological control of plant pathogens. Section IV: Evaluation and intergration. Natural enemy monitoring and evaluation. Intergration of biological control into pest management systems. Section V: Natural enemy biology. Biology of arthropod parasitoids and predators. Biology and dynamics of pathogens. Biology of weed control agents. Section VI: Additional topics. Population regulation theory and implications for biological control. The role of grower education in biological control. Government policy and biological control. Biological control in support of nature conservation. Future prospects. References cited. Index.


Roy Van Driesche, University of Massachusetts, is an expert in biological control in the Entomology Division of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is currently working to resolve the threat to eastern hemlock (a native forest tree) posed by an invasive Japanese adelgid


`...this two authored book attempts to cover the full range of biological control topics for beginners and does so in a unified manner... useful tables and graphs throughout.'
Florida Entomologist
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