Patterns in Freshwater Fish Ecology

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Januar 1998



Nearly a decade ago I began planning this book with the goal of summarizing the existing body of knowledge on ecology of freshwater fishes in a way similar to that of H. B. N. Hynes' comprehensive treatise Ecology of Running Waters for streams. The time seemed appropriate, as there had been several recent volumes that synthesized much information on a range of topics important in fish ecology, from biogeographic to local scales. For example, the "Fish Atlas" (Lee et aI. , 1980) had provided range maps and basic entry to the original literature for all freshwater fishes in North America, and in 1986 Hocutt and Wiley's Zoogeography of North American Fishes provided a detailed synthesis of virtually everything known about distributional ecology of fishes on that continent. Tim Berra (1981) had summarized in convenient map form the worldwide distribution of all freshwater fish families, and Joe Nelson's 1976 and 1984 editions of Fishes of the World had appeared. To complement these "big picture" views of fish distributions, the volume on Community and Evolutionary Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes, edited by David Heins and myself (Matthews and Heins, 1987), had provided an opportunity for more than 30 individuals or groups to summarize their work on stream fishes (albeit mostly for warmwater systems).


Introduction. Structure of fish assemblages. Discrete vs.
overlapping assemblages and assemblage stability. Stream eocolgy and
limonolgy as
related to fish assemblages. Influence of global to
zoogeography on local fish assemblages. Physical factors
drainages as related to fish assemblages. Disturbance, harsh
environments, and physicochemical tolerance. Morpholgy, habitat use,
and life history. Interactive factors: competition, mixed species
benefits and coevolution. Interactive factors: predation effects in
fish assemblages. Effects of fish in ecosystems.
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