Granitoid Rocks

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Mai 1992



By stressing the various techniques used to determine the petrogenic history of granites, and by bridging the gap between undergraduate and research texts, this book provides a clear understanding of the current state of knowledge of the granite family.


Preface. Introduction. Field relations. Mineralogy, texture
and mineral chemistry of granitoid rocks. Whole-rock geochemistry of
granitoids. Geochronology: absolute age determinations. Experimental
petrology. Economic geology of granitoid rocks. Case studies and
genetic classifications. Investigations of granitoid rocks: past,
present and future. Appendix A: checklist for field observations on
granite rocks. Appendix B: Important collected works on granitoid
rocks. References. Index.


a general text.... covers all of the major themes currently relevant to the study of granitoid rocks. ... excellent summary tables.... helpful checklist of field observations.... I found this an enjoyable, easy-to-read book not without humour. - Geological Magazine; For many years there has been something of a gap in the range of rock-types covered by modern petrological textbooks. Granites, by and large, have remained the Cinderella of igneous rocks. In my view these case studies lift the book above the level of merely encyclopaedic petrological texts. - Terra Books; the author has organised material in a way that is easily accessible to students... figures are appropriate... a useful compilation of important collected volumes on granites... There are valuable compilations of terminology, macroscopic and microscopic characteristics, techniques, and applications. I will certainly recommend students to read this book... - Journal of Petrology; timely, topical, logical, interesting... This is a thoroughly thought-provoking book... D B Clarke has succeeded in filling a niche in petrology of granitoid rocks, and has the rare ability to make the book spring to life. At the price it represents good value for money, and is a recommended purchase for any serious student of geology and any researcher interested in the current status of petrology of granitoid rocks. - The Canadian Mineralogist; is well-written and illustrated...a useful source book for anyone interested in granite geology - Mineralium Deposita; useful for the non specialist and a really valuable tool for beginners in granite studies...well written, with flashes of wit so that it can be read with pleasure - Earth Science Reviews
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