Protectionism and Economic Revival: The British Inter-War Economy

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Juli 2003



This book evaluates the effects of protectionism on the British interwar economy.


List of figures; List of tables; Preface; Introduction; 1. British interwar economic growth in an historical perspective; 2. The impact of protectionism on economic growth: theoretical issues; 3. Quantitative studies of the impact of the 1932 General Tariff; 4. A macroeconomic analysis of the impact of the 1932 General Tariff; 5. Industrial performance and trade policy: a disaggregated analysis; 6. The 1930s economic revival: an overview; Conclusion; Notes; List of references; Index.


"By demonstrating in systematic detail the conditions under which protection can yield benefits to a national economy they succeed in lifting the usual arguments over free trade and protection on to a much higher plane. In so doing they contribute greatly to our understanding of economic recovery in the U.K. economy in the 1930s, while at the same time raising the standard of debate over trade policy in the contemporary world economy." Keith Tribe, Cyprus Journal of Economics
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