Educational Evaluation: Classic Works of Ralph W. Tyler

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November 1988



I personally learned to know Ralph Tyler rather late in his career when, in the 1960s, I spent a year as a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford. His term of office as Director of the Center was then approaching its end. This would seem to disqualify me thoroughly from preparing a Foreword to this "Classic Works. " Many of his colleagues and, not least, of his students at his dear Alma Mater, the University of Chicago, are certainly better prepared than I to put his role in American education in proper perspective. The reason for inviting me is, I assume, to bring out the influence that Tyler has had on the international educational scene. I am writing this Foreword on a personal note. Ralph Tyler's accomplishments in his roles as a scholar, policy maker, educational leader, and statesman have been amply put on record in this book, not least in the editors' Preface. My reflections are those of an observer from abroad but who, over the last 25 years, has been close enough to overcome the aloofness of the foreigner. Tyler has over many years been criss-crossing the North American con­ tinent generously giving advice to agencies at the federal, state, and local levels, lecturing, and serving on many committees and task forces that have been instrumental in shaping American education.


I The Service Study Years: 1929 to 1938.
1 Overview.
Key Points.
2 Service Studies in Higher Education.
The Construction of Examinations in Botany and Zoology.
3 Constructing Achievement Tests.
Measuring the Results of College Instruction.
A Generalized Technique for Constructing Achievement Tests.
Formulating Objectives for Tests.
Ability To Use Scientific Method.
Explanation Test.
Measuring the Ability To Infer.
A Test of Skill in Using the Microscope.
The Master-List as a Device.
Improving Test Materials in the Social Studies.
Assumptions Involved in Achievement-Test Construction.
What Is Statistical Significance?.
Making a Co-operative Test Service Effective.
Techniques for Evaluating Behavior.
II Appraising and Recording Student Progress: The Eight-Year Study.
1 Overview.
Key Points.
2 Appraising and Recording Student Progress.
Commission on the Relation of School and College.
Purposes and Procedures of the Evaluation Staff.
Aspects of Thinking.
Evaluation of Social Sensitivity.
Aspects of Appreciation.
Interpretation and Uses of Evaluation Data.
Philosophy and Objectives.
Teachers' Reports and Reports to the Home.
III Tyler's Rationale for Curriculum Development.
1 Overview.
Key Points.
2 New Dimensions in Curriculum Development.
IV National Testing Programs.
1 Overview.
Key Points.
2 Appraisal of Educational Achievement Gained in the Armed Forces.
3 The Objectives and Plans for a National Assessment of Educational Progress.
4 National Assessment - Some Valuable By-Products for Schools.
V Tyler's Recent Reflections on His Work.
1 Overview.
Key Points.
2 An Interview with Ralph Tyler.
The Preface Interview.
3 Appendix: Vitae of Ralph Winfred Tyler.
VI A Chronological Bibliography.
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