New Approaches to Food-Safety Economics

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Juli 2003



This book is notable for its coverage of the entire range of food safety economics issues from "farm to table", including consumer issues, production supply chain coordination, and international trade. It is the first to provide a comprehensive look at emerging issues such as tracking and tracing, product liability, and the interface between risk assessment and economic analysis. The book is also notable for providing international perspectives on these issues from both the European Union and the United States. It is intended for technical specialists and policy makers in agricultural economics, food safety, or risk assessment.


Preface; R.B.M. Huirne, L.J. Unnevehr. Acknowledgements. 1. New approaches to food-safety economics: overview and new research directions; L.J. Unnevehr, R.B.M. Huirne.
  • Consumer health and welfare. 2. Food-safety economics: consumer health and welfare; J.F. Shogren. 3. Consumer perception of food safety: role and influencing factors; W. Verbeke. 4. Quantitative risk assessment of food-borne pathogens a modeling approach; E.G. Evers, et al.
  • Traceability and certification in the supply chain. 5. Technical and economic considerations about traceability and certification in livestock production chains; M.P.M. Meuwissen, et al. 6. Traceability and certification in food quality production a critical view; G. Schiefer.
  • Farm-to-table risk analysis and HACCP. 7. Food system risk analysis and HACCP; H.H. Jensen. 8. The economics of HACCP: farm-to-table analysis; M. Lund.
  • Transparency in intra-EU and International trade 9. Regulating food safety in the European Union; S. Marette, et al. 10. A review of empirical studies of the trade and economic effects of food-safety regulations; N. Wilson. 11. International trade transparency the issue in the World Trade Organization; J. Magalhães. 12. Food-safety activities in the World Bank; C.de Haan. 13. Food safety and security system in agrifood chains in Japan; M. Nagamatsu, Y. Matsuki. List of Participants.


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