Porphyry's Place in the Neoplatonic Tradition

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Januar 1975



This book is a slightly emended version of a dissertation presented at the University of Hull in 1972. I realise only too well the deficiencies of style, presentation and material which this involves. The title implies a more final note than I had intended in my treatment of Porphyry. On reflexion, however, it seemed the most suited to convey the general purpose of my enquiries. A more rounded assessment of Porphyry can come only after some more basic work has been completed. An edition of his philosophical fragments, to which I am now turning my attention, is a prerequisite. lowe, of course, a great deal to all those who have written on Neo­ platonism. I am particularly indebted to Prof. Willy Theiler under whose guidance I studied in Bern. Conversation with him always resulted in new directions of enquiry and I was constantly stimulated by his breadth of knowledge. I must also thank Prof. A. H. Armstrong who has constantly encouraged me and helped me to look more deeply into a number of problems. Welcome, too, was a detailed criticism of Part Two by Dr. R. T. Wallis. Their criticism and advice have not always been followed and the responsibility for the faults and weak­ nesses of this book rests on myself.


- 1. Soul's Connection with the Body.
- 2. Separation of Soul from Body.
- 3. From Soul to Nous.
- 4. The Fate of the Soul after Death.
- 5. An Evaluation of Eschatology in Porphyry and Plotinus.- Two.
- 6. Theurgy in the de Mysteriis of Iamblichus.
- 7. Causality in Theurgy.
- 8. Theurgy in Proclus.
- 9. The Theoretical Attitude of the Neoplatonists to Theurgy.- Postscript.- General Conclusion.- Appendix i List of Porphyry's Works Relevant to the Soul.- Appendix ii The ??????/?????.- Indices.
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